Paella Valenciana and other amazing secrets

The city of Valencia will always be associated with its many rice dishes, with Paella Valenciana being its most famous internationally. In the other hand, Valencia has a lot more for us to offer: fresh Mediterranean fish, locally-grown vegetables, meats and also some deserts like the tigernut milk. This wide range of ingredients and meals make Valencian cuisine one of the most varied in Spain.

 What is Paella Valenciana?

Without any doubt, from all the typical dishes from Valencia, rice is the most important one. There is a popular saying that affirms that there are so many ways to prepare rice as families that cook it. The traditional Paella Valenciana recipe is made with rice, chicken, rabbit, snails and saffron. It is prepared in a paella pan over and orange-wood fire. Seafood paella it’s really popular though.

Paella Valenciana

Best places of Valencia

Apart from food, Valencia has actually 786.426 habitants, and a lot to see and enjoy. One of the places that will make your stay in Valencia unforgettable will be the visit to the Oceanographic. It’s a huge museum that recreates various marine scenarios spread around the world. It’s a must say that is the biggest in Europe.

Among all the activities proposed in the Oceanographic, there is one that won’t leave you half-hearted. It exist the possibility of being animal coach for one day. Dolphins, belugas, walruses, seals and many other animals will make your visit here unforgettable.


"There are so many ways to prepare rice as families that cook it"


Located on the South of the city of Valencia, you can find a spectacular natural setting. A coastal wetland lagoon surrounded by rice fields. The Albufera National Park is one of those places that if they were not so close to the city you would think they are not real at all.

Unforgettable boat trip after a paella valenciana

There are several activities to do in the park, but it’s essential to do the boat ride, and to stay to see the sunset, one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Once inside the park, it would be easy to find a captain willing to take you on a ride in his boat through the lagoon. Among the options offered, there is the possibility to eat on the boat, either with your own food or ordering fresh paella valenciana to any of the restaurants in the area. That way you can have a typical meal and enjoy the sunset afterwards. It’s a really beautiful experience, especially seeing the fishes jumping from the water into the lights they see in the boat.


"Order a fresh Paella Valenciana in any of the local restaurants"


Surely, the Malvarrosa beach is the most famous beach in Valencia, especially for the foreigners. It’s a must see if you visit Valencia. With a huge shore and a lot of ambience by day and by night, Malvarrosa beach is one of the hubs of the city.

It’s located only a few kilometers from the city center and has a very effective public transport. There are several ways to reach the coast, bus, tramway, but also it’s possible to get to it by bike using the bike lane.

Nice relaxing time in Malvarrosa Beach after a paella valenciana

The promenade along the coast has a very special charm, which you can enjoy walking, having something cold to drink or eating a homemade paella valenciana while you sit by the seaside. It is striking how many palm trees are there in the zone, ideal for enjoying some hours of peace and relax during your journey.

"Las Fallas" is a traditional festival held from 15th o 19th March. During these days you will see lots of foreigner in Valencia because is a very important international-known tourist attraction.

Fallas, paella valenciana, experiences to discover in Valencia

The fact is that Fallas is a really complete party, were tradition is mixed with huge constructions made precisely for the event. These constructions are usually a mockery of the social or political situation in Spain. You can even find some of them representing food, like Paella Valenciana. The objective of making these big constructions is to burn them the 19th March. It’s a show which brings together thousands of people.

It’s usual to find as well religious activities as the offering to the Virgin of Helpless, where many religious people perform floral offerings to ask for her help and protection.


"Fallas is a really complete party"


With the arrival of Bioparc, Valencia joins a new concept of zoo, with animals in apparent freedom. Surprising in its design and the number of animals, Valencia has now one of the most complete zoos in Spain. Several environments from all around the world are disposed in a circuit that makes you take a look to the map to don`t get lost in this urban Amazonian jungle. Bioparc is one of the few zoos that let you the opportunity to see animals not in captivity but in apparent freedom.

Valencia: the unforgettable experience

Places to see, experiences to live and discover, people to meet and food makes Valencia one of the bests places in Spain to visit. Enjoy the beach while you eat Mediterranean paella valenciana, take an ice-cream while you walk through the Malvarrosa beach or enjoy party in Fallas. Valencia is a city that will delight all kind of tourists and will make your visit unforgettable.

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Food&Tapas Team



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