The healthiest way of eating: Salmorejo Cordobés

The capital of Cordoba is placed nearby Guadalquivir river. This city is known worldwide for its signature dish: Salmorejo. In olden days Cordoba was a Roman emplacement and part of the Caliphs Court. This city is one of the most important traces of the Christians, Jewish and Islamic cultures. A clear example of this is the old town. A beautiful network of streets, squares and whitewashed courtyards around the Mosque-cathedral.


Where does Salmorejo comes from?

The origin of Salmorejo is based on the bread soups of the Mediterranean. However, over the centuries and thanks to the arrival of the tomato in Spain, this soup has been transformed into a lighter, refreshing and nourishing cream, becoming a typical Mediterranean dish.


Salmorejo can be made in several ways, nevertheless has some common ingredients such as bread, garlic, salt, vinegar, water and tomato. Also some Jamón Ibérico and boiled eggs can be added.


Salmorejo Cordobés


The jewels of Córdoba

Several centuries of history are illustrated in its columns, in the decoration of its walls and in its imposing and well built ceiling. The Mosque-cathedral is full of light and charm. It is different form any other monument of the world due to the several cultures that had transformed it over years.


The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is one of the biggest mosques of the world. There is something special while you walk through its courtyards, you would be able to appreciate its aromas and its orange trees full of history. In this courtyards famous philosophers lectured long time ago. Its arches create a mosaic full of color that makes tourist feel like in a fantasy world as in the Arabian Nights.


Salmorejo Cordobés


Nowadays this monument attracts thousands of tourists in the summertime. The summer days in Cordoba are sultry so the best way to fight the heat is having a fresh Salmorejo.


Most of the people suggest that if you want to delight yourself with the best view of Cordoba you should definitely go to the Roman Bridge. The best time of the day to appreciate this view is during the sunset.



"Códoba is one of the places to visit in Andalucía"


Enjoy the walk through the Bridge looking at both sides of the city. If you take your time, you would be able to see the stones moved by the water of the river over the years, old constructions built long time ago but partially destroyed by now. After crossing the Bridge you can always sit on a restaurant nearby and have a nourishing Gazpacho or Salmorejo while you enjoy the spectacular views of the place.


Salmorejo Cordobés


The Jewish District is an interesting and nice place that everyone who comes to Cordoba must visit. Located close to the Mosque, it is an important part of the old city built many years ago. Its narrow streets and whitewashed houses are one of the most popular prints of the city. In the middle of the district you can find the famous Synagogue, niche of cultures for hundreds of years. Near the Synagogue is placed the legendary Street of Flowers from which we can perceive the tower of the Mosque.



"The Mosquee-Cathedral of Córdoba is one of the bigest in the world".



This street, as its name suggests, is full of potted geraniums, which visit is very popular among tourists. It is a real pleasure walking around the neighborhood, specially in spring, when visitors can enjoy the garden and flowers in full bloom or even taking a homemade and tasty Salmorejo in one of the typical restaurants in the area. We are sure you wont be disapointed with this typical dish from Córdoba.


Salmorejo vs Gazpacho


Even if they look similar, Gazpacho and Salmorejo are not the same. It is true that both are mostly made with tomato, but the main difference is that you must add water to the Gazpacho. However, if Salmorejo only uses this vegetable in its cooking, Gazpacho also needs cucumber and pepper. Likewise, Salmorejo is more consistent and more bread is used in its preparation.


Salmorejo Cordobés



Definitely Córdoba is one of the places to visit in Andalucía. But only for its culture and people but also for its typical dishes. The people, weather, architecture and food typical of this city seems to be a reasonable excuse to visit the city and enjoy its gastronomy. Anyway, the main point of visiting this region is its rich and varied cuisine, which, without any doubt, the Salmorejo is its signature dish. We are sure you will love the experience and it will become one of the unforgettable moments of your life.



Food&Tapas Team
Food&Tapas Team



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