Grandma's cooking: Typical food

Everyone knows how grandmothers cook: slow fire, plenty of patience and with a lot of love; well, that's exactly what Typical food just means for us.

We are talking about homemade dishes that taste really awesome. Dishes that are completely related to tradition, manners and way of living of the people nearby the Mediterranean. Some of this dishes we are referring to are Fabada (Asturian Bean Stew), Anchovies, Galician mussels, White Tuna or Sardines.

Tradition and love: main values of Typical Food

The typical food in Spain has been an integral part of the Spanish culture for centuries, so ingrained in national customs and traditions that food is on the first line in every way an everyday. Special events and family meetings are, in fact, the highest expression of this culinary tradition. 

Traditional cuisine is the base of today's modern cooking. The traditional Spanish recipe is really complete with many differences between every regional ways of cooking. This relates to a wealth acquired after many years of lore and influence of several cultures that left their legacy in this country. This cuisine is not something immobile, but something that keeps growing and evolving along the years, even if the traditions and the old costumes are still present in the Mediterranean day to day. 

typical food

Food joins family, friends and even strangers. Basically, that is the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The typical food contributes to this spirit based on the philosophy of sharing that has always characterized every Mediterranean culture. 

In one hand we can say that typical and traditional food is the way of preserving the identity of a country or a particular region inside it. This food relies on natural ingredients, homemade cooking and a tradition that have passed from fathers to son over countless years.

North of Spain, cradle of traditional cuisine

Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia are, without any doubt, the regions of Spain where typical food is the basis of life every day. The North of Spain is also known as "The Green Spain", because of its many fields, trees and wild nature you can find. Mixing great mountains, endless fields and brave seas, the North of Spain is a fan of different ways of living.

"Slow fire, patience and love, main values of Typical food"

Fresh fish, great stews or first quality meat are some of the ingredients you can find if you land in one of those magical regions known as "The Green Spain". A really varied diet that allows people of the zone to grow heathy and plenty of strength to enjoy every single moment that life offers to them. 


From their kitchens come out delicious dishes based on traditional recipes, but also cutting-edge culinary creations, really creatives and based on innovation. The result is a unique cuisine, an extraordinary variety and a way of cooking that is recognized all over the world.

"Typical and traditional food is the way of preserving the identity of a country"

The Green Spain shelters some of the most valuable and best preserved ecological areas in the world. Contrasting landscapes, salt water rivers, endless meadows are as varied as the type of food you can find in them. This variety allows local people to have the right dish for the right moment. A warm stew if it's a rainy or a cold day, some Sardines or Anchovies in extra virgin olive oil if you just want to have a snack in a warm day, or even a huge fresh tuna fish ideal for a family meal. 


Why Typical Food is so important?

Spanish typical cuisine is one of the finest of the planet as it's enriched with the contribution of different peoples of many varied cultures. This means that typical cuisine is the assembly of many different foods and products, making this kind of cuisine really complete and experimental. This acculturation let this cuisine to become multifaceted with a large number of ingredients and techniques.

The quantity of products in this gastronomy is so large, none of them are indispensable. If any ingredient is missing, there is always a solution where you can prepare any other similar dsih, or even a better one. The fan of possibilities is so vast that the available combinations are infinites.

Some typical dishes you may want to know:

1. Fabada (Asturian bean stew)

 2. White Tuna in extra virgin olive oil

 3. Anchovies (best of Cantabrian)

 4. Galician Mussels

 5. Sardines in extra virgin olive oil


Galician Mussels

Resuming in a few words, Typical Food is healthy, complete, homemade and, the most important of all, it's an evolution of thousands of ways of cooking that makes the experience of eating unforgettable.

Food&Tapas Team
Food&Tapas Team



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