Mediterranean lifestyle: What else?

The Mediterranean sea is the border between many different cultures. Historically, it has also been the connection between Occident and Orient. This meeting of cultures was made for transactions of goods and commerce. 

The Mediterranean lifestyle means much more than only food, is a way of living that share every civilization that lives around the Mediterranean sea. Culture and way of living has been transmitted through many centuries to our days.

Mediterranean Lifestyle, Mediterranean Way

Greece, Italy and Spain are on the list of countries with the lowest percentage of cardiovascular diseases and for several years, scientists have investigated their eating habits. Their life expectancy is among the highest in the world.

Since the sixties, from the results of a study conducted on more than 10,000 men from seven countries, it is known that people living in regions near the Mediterranean Sea have a risk 90% lower cardiovascular disease, compared with residents in European and American countries.

Since this difference could not be explained by the level of education, economic resources or health spending, which generally are lower compared to those observed in more advanced countries, researchers have focused on diet as the main factor that could explain the findings. The Mediterranean lifestyle is the principal key.


 Mediterranean lifestyle

More than only food, a way of living

The Mediterranean people spend most of the time of the day out of their homes. Combining work and pleasure, social intercourse is a widely established fact. People love to go out with some friends and have a fresh beer with some "pintxos" or "tapas" and share opinions, livings and reactions that have occurred all over the week. 

"Mediterranean lifestyle means more than only food, it's a way of living"

The Mediterranean culture of spending time outdoors, with friends or family, and sharing moments and experiences is what makes Mediterranean lifestyle so special. This way of living is also promoted by the good weather, hot and sunny, that ussually exists in a long period of the year.

Mediterranean personality, open minded, happy and always up for a talk, is extremely important in this way of living, as it provides the right ambience and behavior for the Mediterranean lifestyle characteristics to be deployed.  


Mediterranean lifestyle

Tapas and pintxos, a social meeting

Tapas and Pintxos are small amounts of food that the restaurants give you for free when you order something to drink like a beer or a bottle of wine. This way of acting is typical from the Mediterranean countries.

The origin of this word as a synonym for appetizer is still uncertain. Some people believe that it comes from the King Alfonso XIII during his visit to Cádiz. The King ordered a glass of sherry, but realized that a whirlwind of local sand threatened to fill the glass of sherry with sand. To avoid this, a smart waiter rushed to cover the glass with a slice of ham. Alfonso XIII, really surprised struggled to know what had happened and the waiter just said: "I put a "tapa" (cover) on the top of it so the sand will not get into your drink". The rest of the customers in the bar laughed and ordered the same thing the King just had in his glass. 

"Tapas or Pintxos is a social way of meeting" 

Every Spanish region has its own typical Tapa or Pintxo. There are some restaurants that offer a concrete Tapa (for example, olives in virgin oil, tortilla, Jamón Ibérico, Chorizo Ibérico...), and therefore, the customer has no choice about what he's getting. On the other hand, there are others where the customer chooses what he wants between a selection of Tapas that the bar offers to the public.

The perfect time to have some Tapas is before lunch, before dinner and also, after a hard day of work with your colleagues. Therefore, it is increasingly common to have tapas as small portions of traditional dishes, and most of the times can replace a meal or a dinner.  

It's possible to have some Tapas standing in a bar or sitting around a table. specially if you are surounded by friends or family. It exist a general thinking in Spain, where you should not have more than two or three tapas in the same bar or restaurant. What you must do, is visiting several restaurants and getting one or two tapas in each one, so you can eat a large amount of different products. 

 Mediterranena Lifestyle

What is really important to know is that the Mediterranean lifestyle means sharing, means enjoying situations with friends or family. Also means having a good time and having fun while you enjoy eating. That is our philosophy and that's the reason why we work hard every day; because we really enjoy food, we want you to enjoy it as well. 



Food&Tapas Team
Food&Tapas Team



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