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Paella Valenciana

Yesss ...., we confess as a food lovers. But most important is that we enjoy the Mediterranean Diet and all its values, healthy traditions and ancient essence. And always with us, it's awesome!.

That was the origin of Food&Tapas.

Jamon Iberico de Bellota

Have you heard about quality and healthy mediterranean food? Maybe have you travel to Barcelona, Roma, Mallorca, Túnez, Valencia,... and remember the glorious flavor of the food yet?

We could not wait any longer! Here is Food&Tapas to bring the Mediterranean way of living to US.

We want you to enjoy the “Real Mediterranean Food Experience”. To accomplish this goal, we have a primary objective for you: take part of the Mediterranean lifestyle by transferring the ambience and the experiences to your table. We want you to enjoy food in the same way as if you were in the seaside. 

Through our wide range of premium products, we provide quality and satisfaction, while we invite you to have fun with friends or family around a meal. For this, we have a selection of the best ingredients that will make your mediterranean experience, unforgettable. You can choose from a typical Spanish food, a amazing Jamón Iberico or even a fresh Gazpacho, all elaborated with high quality ingredients.

Specially designed for family meals, meeting some friends or a small personal whim, Food&Tapas provides the perfect and real food for any moment.

Ahhh..we had forgotten. Sharing is an experience in itself, so here you will find tasty recipes and related articles to help you to get to know gradually The Real Mediterranean Experience.


"TS Eliot said that knowledge begins with sensitivity. The Mediterranean is a region full of nuances that you have to feel, to get to know." We simply want to share with you. Enjoy like us the authentic mediterranean food, at home.


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