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Chorizo Iberico by Fermin

Chorizo Iberico by Fermin, it's "The Spanish Chorizo" that everyone speaks. Ready to eat and gluten-free. Each piece weighs 7 oz.


This is the Authentic Spanish Chorizo, natural curing process that only nature can provide.

Made from pata negra Iberian pigs in Salamanca (Spain), paprika, garlic, salt and a tad of sherry. After marinate for 24 hours and then put into casings and hand tied. From here the chorizo move to the smoke house, where they smoke for a period of 2 to 16 weeks. They smoke over an oak wood which is set in a barrel. The flavor of this chorizo is incredible, nice smoky, spicy and slightly sweet.

Taste Recommendations

Slice it thin and at an angle with your knife; gently peel the outer casing and serve on a tapas plate with your favorite bread; drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on the bread for real perfection!

No added color or artificial ingredients. Minimally processed. Refrigerate after opening. Non-edible fibrous casing.

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