The Easiest Jamon Iberico Recipe Ever


    3 fresh loafs of bread (1cm thick)

    3 fresh tomato

    3 cloves of garlic

    extra virgin olive oil

    Sliced cured jamón ibérico (bellota maximum quality)



    The following recipe is one of the easiest and healthiest in the mediterranean diet world. We are talking about Tomato with bread and Jamón Ibérico (bellota maximum quality).
    Take note, this recipe does not need any previous cooking so it's really ideal for any moment of the day. easy fast and delicious recipe



    Cut the fresh loafs of bread (1cm thick) and proceed to toast them in the pan. Take them out from the fire when they start to get crispy.

    Peel three garlic cloves (each garlic for each slice of bread) and rub the toasted surface of the bread until the garlics are almost gone (rub more garlic if you love strong and spicy flavours)

    Proceed to cut three tomatoes in small pieces (cut a tomato in half and then each half in four equal pieces).


    "You can also serve this dish with manchego cheese or anchovies"


    After cutting the tomatoes, drop the small pieces inside a container, add two soup spoons of extra virgin olive oil and half a dessert spoon of salt. Finally mix it all with a beater untill you have an uniform paste.

    Pour the mixture made before and spread it all over the bread untill all the surface is covered. Add a couple of room temperature slices of Jamón Ibérico (bellota maximum quality) and serve.

    Eventually you can also serve this meal with some anchovies or manchego cheese. This will make a new taste, typically Mediterranean.

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