Easy and really tasty: Olive Paté


    250 g of olives

    3 fillets of anchovies (best of cantabrian)

    1 clove of garlic

    125 ml of extra virgin olive oil

    2 dessert spoons of pine nuts

    1 dessert spoon of capers


    This recipe is really tasty and a piece of cake if you have little time or you are in a hurry. We are talking about Olives Paté. It's a dish that we should always have it done for an unexpected visit or an aperitif for a special meal.
    It's ideal to combine with hummus anyway, if you just want to spread it on a toast is also amazing.



    This is the easiest way of doing the typical olives paté or tapenade. It's a dish that can be prepared really fast and it's very easy to make.  

    First, proceed to drop the olives, anchovies, garlic, pine nuts and capers into a blender and mix it until you get a paste similar to the concrete when it's not still dry. Keep mixing the paste and while the blender is still running, pour little by little some extra virgin olive oil. Be patient, if you do it too fast, the olives paté will not be thick enough and you will find it too liquid.

    We suggest not to pour any salt into the blender because the anchovies are already salted and there is no need of adding more salt to the dish, otherwise, it will be really salty.


    "You can also serve this dish with rustic toasts. It's ideal for casual parties and family meetings"


    When you have finish mixing all the products in the blender, proceed to pour the paste into a small bowl and put a cover on it. Put the bowl into the fridge then and wait for about one hour until the paste has settled.

    Proceed to take the olives paté out of the fridge one hour before serving so the dish will be at room temperature, ideal for enjoying its flavor and texture. Eventually you can also serve this meal with rustic toastsIt´s ideal for parties and family meetings.  

    This typical Mediterranean dish can be done with black or green olives. It only depends on which one you like the most.

    Most of the products needed for this recipe can be found in our webpage: www.foodandtapas.com

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