Seasoned "Gornal" Variety Olives

Avaliable in Regular size of 500gr and Pack of 6 (6x500gr).
The Gordal olive is a large variety grown in the southern regions of Spain. It is very fleshy with an intense flavour. This is the olive that has the most meat. It has a firm skin and flesh and a typical Manzanilla flavour.
This is the classic Andalusian olive, green with a golden hue. Olives with Stone.
Taste Recommendations
You may season it to your taste and it is perfect for salads and appetizers.

Nutritional Information (g/100g)

Energy Kcal. / Kj 107 Kcal. / 443 Kjul
Protein  1,92
Fat  9,06
Saturated fat  1,80
Carbohydrate  4,40
Sugar 0,50
Salt  4,20
Fiber  4,05
Refrigerated ? Keep cold

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