Lomo Iberico (loin) by Fermin

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Lomo Iberico (loin) by Fermin. Ready to eat and gluten-free. Made from Spanish Iberico pork (Gujuelo-Salamanca).

Each piece weighs 1,25 lbs. Great as a tapas or sandwichs


Lomo iberico is cured to perfection, ready to be sliced thinly into delicate slices. Lomo Iberico (loin) by Fermin is made solely from authentic 100% Spanish pork and cured in the mountains of Spain.

Taste Recommendations

Slice it thin and at an angle with your knife; gently peel the outer casing and serve on a tapas plate with your favorite bread; drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on the bread for real perfection!

No added color or artificial ingredients (seasoned with garlic and paprika). Minimally processed. Refrigerate after opening.

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