The Real Paella Valenciana: Mediterranean taste!


 300 g of already cut chicken

 5 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

 80 g of green beans

 1 L of paella soup 100% Natural

 1 branch of fresh rosemary

 300 g of pieced fresh rabbit

 320 g of "bomba" rice

 A pinch of salt

 80 g of broad beans



Although there is no general consensus on what is the authentic Paella Valenciana, this recipe is as close as the one Valencian people do at their own kitchens. The only fact that is really unanimous is that Paella Valenciana is a tribute to rice. That's the reason why the Paella must respect its taste and should never hide it.


In this recipe of Paella Valenciana, we use natural ingredients as green beans and broad beans, and also fresh meat as rabbit and chicken. We really hope you'll make it as good and tasty as ours!

First, you should find a Paella, it's the round black dish where everyone cooks the typical Valencian dish. Once you have it, proceed to pour in it 5 spoons of extra virgin olive oil. Once the oil is hot, drop the meat (chicken and rabbit) until all the pieces get a golden color. This cooking must be done in a really low fire, so the oil will get the real taste of the meat and vegetables.

Afterwards, cut the vegetables in small pieces and pour the green beans and the broad beans in the Paella and leave it cooking for three minutes. After these 3 minutes, pour 1 L of Paella soup into the pan and let the mixture begin to boil. 

When the Paella Valenciana begins to boil, add a pinch of saffron. This is essential to give the Paella the right color and the right taste.


"The traditional recipe is made outdoors, in a wooden fire"


When boiling, add the "bomba" rice and let it cook for 15 minutes. After this lapse of time, proceed to add the pinch of salt to the Paella and take it out from the fire. 

Proceed to cover the Paella Valenciana with newspaper so the heat will continue to cook the dish. Leave it cover for 5 minutes and then you can serve the dish to the guests.

The "Socarrat" is the rice that is glued to the bottom of the Paella and it's really delicious as it is a little bit burned and very tasty. Families in Valencia argue about getting this part of the Paella.

If you want to make the Paella Valenciana the real way, remember that the traditional recipe must be done outdoors and in a wooden fire. We suggest you to try it if you have the opportunity.

The Pealla can be also done with seafood instead of meat. This is what we call a Mediterranean Paella or a Seafood Paella. You can also add other vegetables like green peas or peppers.

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