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Paleta Iberica de bellota by Fermin

Paleta Iberica de bellota by Fermin. 100% iberico shoulder acorn-fed, cured for 48 months. DO. Guijuelo-Salamanca, Spain (USDA approved). Weight: 11 to13 lbs; 20-30 servings.

Per FDA regulations, the hoof has been removed from these hams.

The roots

Since 1956, Fermin has been at the helm of Iberico pork production. Nature provides a genetically pure animal that reflects the quality of life and land.

Acorn-fed Iberico products are the most sought after in the marketplace today, reflecting a centuries old tradition of free-range production with 100% sustainability. This ham by Fermín is intensely flavorful, and each slice is marbled with golden fat that literally melts in your mouth. Free range, acorn-fed pork and four years of aging in the clean mountain air of La Alberca (western Spain) come together to create this masterpiece of flavor. Through the process they lose 60% of their weight.

The best way to experience Paleta Iberica de bellota is by savoring slices cut directly from the ham, when all of the flavors and textures are at their finest.

Taste Recommendations

Keep your Paleta Iberico de bellota by Fermin at home, in cool and ventilated place prior to consumption. After being received, the product should be removed from the sachet and the brown paper bag protecting it.

For carving,  special equipment is required: a ham holder, carving knife with a wide blade to clean the inside and outside of the jam on as well as a long, sharp, flexible ham knife. These are the basic tools needed to fully enjoy each slice.

It is very important to leave the cut clean and adequately protected to prevent oxidation after you´ve enjoyed it. We therefore recommend covering the exposed area with thin slices of far from the ham itself.

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