Queso Manchego (cured cheese) Dehesa de los Llanos

Artisan Manchego cheese, Denominación de Origen (D.O.). Cured 9 months, guarnteed net weight 1,7 lbs.


Dark ivory in colour, has a slightly creamy texture and a clean lactic aroma. Its taste, well-developed, intense, elegant and long-lasting. World Cheese Awards Bronze Medal 2010, 2009, and 2006, Gold Medal 2007.


Cheese, aged for at least 6 months, made with raw milk from Manchego sheep bred on the Dehesa de Los Llanos estate. Dark straw-yellow in colour, unique and even, Dehesa de Los Llanos Cured Cheese is characterized by its strong taste and aroma, characteristic of a top-quality cheese, with a slightly flaky texture and great friability, which means the cheese melts in your mouth releasing all its flavour and making you want more.

The natural rind of this Cured Cheese is the first aspect of this extraordinary cheese that attracts our attention, where the consumer can immediately note that no colourings or strange dyes have been added in its production process.

Dehesa de los Llanos Cured Cheese is the prime example of the brand values: Quality – nothing compromises the quality of the product, Natural - no colourings or additives have been added to the cheese, and Technology - latest technological advances compatibles with artisan cheese production have been used.

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