Jamón Ibérico, maybe ... with Brie cheese. Quick, easy & tasty, what else?


    6 pieces of rustic toasts

    12 slices of Jamón Ibérico (Bellota maximum quality)

    3 leaves of lettuce

    6 slices of Brie cheese

    6 small tomatoes 

    Extra virgin olive oil


    This recipe is ideal for preparing some appetizers if you have a party, a friends meeting or even if the family is visiting your home. The Jamón Ibérico with Brie Cheese recipe is fresh, really easy to make and it will not take you more than 15 minutes to prepare it. The key of this recipe is the contrast between the flavor of the ham and the flavor of the cheese.



    First of all, you must have the Jamón Ibérico (Bellota maximum quality) out of the freezer, so the taste and temperature will be optimal. If it's in the freezer, proceed to take it out 2 hours before starting to prepare the dish.

    If you want the toast to be soft and tasty, cut a tomato on half and rub one of this halfs on the surface of the toast.

    When the Jamón Ibérico has the right temperature, take a piece of rustic toast and proceed to put the Jamón Ibérico on it, like if you want to cover all the piece.


    "You can also serve this dish with manchego cheese or Cabrales, typical Asturian cheese"



    Once the slices of Jamón Ibérico are placed on the bread, proceed to put the slice of Bree cheese on the top of it. 

    Before serving, pour some tiny drops of extra virgin olive oil on the top and heat the dish between 20 and 30 seconds in the microwave, so the cheese will begin to melt and the texture of it will become soft and creamy. 

    You can combine several kinds of cheeses with the Jamón Ibérico. Try the Brie cheese for a creamy and tasty flavor, the Manchego cheese, so you will have a stronger a dry flavor, and typical Asturian cheese, Cabrales, for a unique northern taste. Each case can be ideal for any special occasion.

    You will get really tasty appetizers and full of Mediterranean ingredients you can share with your friends or family.

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