Sardine Salad: 15-minute ready


 4 tomatoes

half a cucumber

1 onion

1 can of sardines in olive oil

1 pepper

A pinch of salt


This is a typical Mediterranean salad, where you can find the tomato and the sardines in olive oil as the main ingredients. This salad is also made with cucumber, pepper and onion. It's ideal for summertime as the dish is very fresh and easy to make. It can be done in only 15 minutes.



Did you know that canned sardines have more calcium than fresh ones? This is because, after the process of conservation, the spine often transfers the calcium to the flesh. One of the best ways to eat them is preparing a tasty and refreshing salad.  

This recipe will make you scrape the plate with bread so you will not miss a bit of taste!

First of all, proceed to cut three tomatoes in thin slices and set them around the plate, so they will cover the side of it. The goal is to make a circle with the tomatoes. By the way, you must leave an area in the middle to set up the other ingredients.

Once the tomatoes are placed in the plate, proceed to peal the cucumber, cut them in round slices as well and place them in the empty area of the plate. 


"Canned sardines in olive oil have more calcium than fresh ones"


After placing the tomatoes and the cucumber, you should do the same operation with the onion. Cut it in round slices and place it on the top of the other nourishments. Do it as if you were building a pyramid.

Finally, proceed to place the sardines in olive oil in the top of the plate. We suggest making several layouts until you find the one you like the most. Once you have decided a final placing, pour the dish with some extra virgin olive oil and with a pinch of salt. If you like a stronger flavor, you can also add vinegar to the salad. 

Sardines in olive oil are a really healthy and versatile food. You can cook them in the pan, you can grilled them and also breaded them... But if there is a typical Mediterranean way of eating them, that the tomato and onion salad.

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