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Skip the restaurant! Prepare your own Spanish Tapas with family and friends directly in your home. Start your meal with succulent tapas to ignite your guests appetite. Our sauces are the authentic secret to your successful Tapas presentation.

Ready to eat.


Awesome sauces for Spanish Tapas (4 x glass jar 310gr + 2 x glass jar 140gr). Mix-pack incluyed:
.- ALL I OLI - typical sauce of the western Mediterranean, where it has been enjoyed for centuries. We recommend serving this creamy and garlicky sauce with grilled meat, fish, noodle paellas, vegetables and salads.

.- ROMESCO -  A very popular sauce in Spain. Made with Almonds, Olive Oil, Tomato and Salt, this sauce goes perfectly with beef, chicken, fish or vegetables.

.- BRAVAS- Spicy brava sauce is perhaps the most well-known sauce in Spanish cuisine. It is served with the king of tapas: patatas bravas. There are as many recipes  for this storied sauce as there are cooks, but every  unique rendition of brava sauce should be treasured and comprised the key ingredients: tomato and cayenne. Our brava sauce is the perfect accompaniment to delicious patatas bravas and other tapas. It´s also great with chargrilled barbecue meat.

.- CHIMICHURRI- Mainly used as a sauce for grilled red meats, chimichurri can also be used as a marinade for fish and game. Its a traditional sauce from the northern Spanish region of Asturias. Low in calories, Chimichurri sauce is a perfect condiment for meat lovers on a low calorie diet. Enjoy a healthy dish with lots of flavor!

.- MOJO PICON- Originating from the Canary Islands,  Spain,  this savory sauce is typically serves on baked potatoes. Our Mojo Picón Sauce is prepared according to the most traditional recipe and methods.

.- GREEN MOJO- A delicious variation of Mojo Picon, Green Mojo is prepared with green peppers, chili, garlic and vinegar.

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