The Grandma's Soups

You remember your grandmother´s cooking? The best cooking on earth? This is one of the old mediterranean recipes, full of health and amazing tastes.

Ready to eat in 2 minutes. Gourmet precooked, 2-3 servings.


Best of traditional (4 x glass bottle 720ml). Incluyed on pack:

.- MUSHROOM soup (open, heat and serve… a rich and flavoursome cream for all  mushroom lovers.)

.- VEGETABLE soup (only select, premium Mediterranean vegetables and olive oil. It does not contain coloring agents or preservatives. Furthermore, it is suitable for almost every diet, as it is lactose-free, gluten free, low in salt and low in saturated fats. Serve hot and topped with some sautéed courgette, croutons and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.)

.- SEAFOOD soup (today…let´s enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean with this delicious Seafood Soup.)

.- GREEN ASPARAGUS soup (open, heat and serve…a delicious Cream of Asparagus, freshly picked and prepared. Your body will enjoy all its goodness. It is full of vitamins and minerals.)

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