Tortilla Española with Jamón Ibérico, ideal for every occasion


    6 eggs 

    1 onion

    100 grams of Jamón Ibérico (Bellota maximum quality)

    A pinch of salt

    1/2 a liter of extra virgin olive oil


    This Spanish Omelette with Jamón Ibérico is really tasty and one of the easiest variants found in bars and restaurants across the Spanish country. If you have never tried it, we suggest following these explanations; you will get a real Mediterranean dish, ideal for every occasion.



    First of all we will prepare the ingredients for our omelette with Jamón Ibérico. Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them in slices. These slices must be really thin so the potatoes will cook well in the pan.

    Once all the potatoes are prepared, put a large pan with 1/2 a liter of extra virgin olive oil to heat and when it is hot, toss the potatoes to fry well on all sides. Keep a low fire so the potatoes will not get burned.

    While the potatoes are cooking, cut the Jamón Ibérico in small pieces and proceed to fry them in a small pan, beside the potatoes. 


    "You can also prepare this recipe with Chorizo Ibérico, Tuna fish or Manchego cheese"


    Once the Jamón Ibérico is cooked, drop it on a plate with absorbent paper so we will get rid of the extra oil.  The next step you must do, consist on beating the eggs with a pinch of salt. 

    When the potatoes are already cooked, take them out of the pan, drop it on a plate with more absorbent paper and let them cool down a bit. Once they are cold enough, drop on a bowl, the beaten eggs, the fried potatoes and the Jamón Ibérico, and mix everything with great care.

    After mixing all the ingredients, we proceed to put them in a new pan with some extra virgin oil with a low-medium fire. Take extremely care that the omelette don't get stuck to the pan. Once the bottom part of the omelette is solid, proceed to turn around the omelette using a shallow dish to avoid dropping the ingredients. Proceed to cook the other side of the omelette as you did with the first one.

    Keep it in the fire until the omelette is solid in both sides. You can leave it more or less time in the fire depending if you like it more or less cooked. 

    This typical Mediterranean dish can be also done with Chorizo Ibérico, Tuna Fish or Manchego Cheese. It only depends on which one you like the most.

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