White tuna in olive oil and chickpeas: Tasty!


    white tuna in olive oil (fillets belly)

    2 mature tomatoes

    50g of boiled chickpeas

    extra virgin olive oil

    A dessert spoon of red pepper

    1 red onion    

    A docen of olives

    A pinch of cumin

    2 kombu seaweeds


    The following recipe is a typical dish from the north os Spain. The key of this recipe is the mixture of the strong flavor of the white tuna in olive oil and the soft flavor of the boiled chickpeas.
    The power of the mixture will create a fusion of flavors in your mouth. The dish is also served with tomato and onion to give some new color and flavor to the meal.


    Place 50 gr of chickpeas in a food mil. Add a dash of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of cumin and salt. Proceed to mix the ingredientes. The result must be similar to humus paste.

    Take the white tuna in olive oil (fillets belly) out of the can and place them on a plate so they will get rid of some liquid.

    Remove the pulp from the tomato and dress them with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.

    Cut the red pepper, the red onion and the olives into julienne strips.

    Boil the kambu seaweed until you see it's soft enough to manipulate with your own hands without breaking it.


    "You can also serve this dish with sardines in olive oil or anchovies"


    In a new plate, place a bed of boiled chickpeas and proceed to serve the white tune in olive oil (fillets belly) on it.

    Add a dash of extra virgin olive oil to decorate it.

    Proceed to distribute properly the olives, the red onions and the red pepper in the way you prefer. We suggest placing the chickpeas and the white tuna in olive oil in the middle, and the rest of the food surrounding it.

    You will have a tasty dish done quickly and in a easy way without cooking and dirtying the kitchen. Ideal for unexpected visitors.

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